метод; способ
см. тж. method,
method for prediction
method of acceleration with conjugate gradients
method of assumed modes
method of characteristics
method of dynamic caustics
method of feasible directions
method of generalized coordinates
method of images
method of lines
method of moments
method of separation of variables
method of splitting
method of weighted residuals
accelerometer method
acoustic method
Adams-Bashforth method
adjoint variable method
aerodynamic method
air bubbles method
ALM method
anthropometric scaling method
anti-g method
anti-g protective method
assumed stress method
augmented Lagrange multiplier method
back of the envelope method
Bayesian estimation method
birefringent coating method
Birnbaum's method
block-bidiagonal method
Bode method
boundary collocation method
boundary element method
boundary force method
boundary integral method
boundary integral equation method
boundary point method
boundary layer method
Broydon-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno method
china-clay method
Clmax prediction method
Cohen and Reshotko method
collocation method
complex variable boundary element method
complex-variable method
compliance method
configurational method
conjugate directions method
constant pressure panel method
continuation method
correction storage method
correlation method
cycle counting method
cyclic reduction method
Davidon-Fletcher-Powell method
deferred correction method
describing function method
design method for reliability
design to constraints method
detection method
difference method
differencing method
discrete vortex method
displacement method
Dorodnitsyn finite element method
doublet lattice method
dynamic condensation method
eigenfunction expansion method
eigenvalue method
electrical discharge method
energy method
energy management method
equivalent control method
equivalent linearization method
Euler method
evaluation method
explicit-implicit method
extrapolation method
FAS method
feedback method
finite difference method
finite element method
finite element method with splitting
finite element displacement method
finite strip method
finite volume method
Fletcher-Reeves method
flexibility method
flutter experimental method
flux-difference/splitting method
force method
Fourier transform method
fractional steps method
fractographic method
frequency method
frequency-domain method
full-approximation storage method
full-potential method
Galerkin method
Gauss elimination method
Gauss-Seidel method
generalized method
Godunov method
grid method
harmonic balance method
helium-bubble method
higher order method
Horner's method
hose-drogue method
hybrid vortex method
hydrogen bubbles method
infra-imaging method
integral method
integral equation method
interferometric method
inverse method
J-integral method
kernel-function method
Khachian's method
Lagrange multiplier method
Lagrangian method
Lanczos method
laser induced fluorescence method
laser light sheet method
least-cost method
least-square method
least-squares method
least-squares estimation method
Lyapunov's second method
lift-analysis method
linear quadratic method
linear quadratic Gaussian method
linear regulator method
linear quadratic regulator method
LQ method
LQG method
lumped-parameter method
MacCormack's method
Mach box method
maintenance method
marching method
matrix method
maximum likelihood method
mechanized method
ML method
model-following method
moment method
moving finite element method
multisurface method
multigrid method
multiple grid method
Myklestad method
Navier-Stokes method
Neal-Smith analysis method
Newton's method
Newton-Raphson method
nonconservative method
numerical method
Nyquist method
oil-flow method
operational method
Pade approximant method
panel method
paneling method
parameter method
perturbation method
photoelastic method
power method
Prandtl-Munk method
prediction method
pressure-splitting method
probabilistic method
pseudo-spectral method
pseudospectral method
pseudotransient method
quasi-Newton method
R-curve method
rainflow method
random decrement method
randomdec method
Rayleigh method
Rayleigh-Ritz method
recovery method
reduction method
reliability method
rigid-plastic finite-element method
robustness enhancing method
root-locus method
Runge-Kutta method
sawtooth method
Schlieren method
secant method
semianalytic method
shadowgraph method
shock-capturing method
shock-expansion method
shock-fitting method
shooting method
simplex method
singular perturbation method
singular value method
sizing method
smoke-wire method
Southwell method
space-marching method
split-coefficient method
split-coefficient matrix method
splitting method
square root method
state space method
steepest-ascent method
steepest-descent method
stiffness method
stress relaxation method
sublimation method
subspace iteration method
substitutional method
substructure synthesis method
substructuring method
super-characteristics method
superelement method
superposition method
surface tracer method
synthesis method
Theodorsen method
thrust method
thrust efficient method
time-domain method
transfer matrix method
transfer-function method
Trefftz`s method
tuft method
unit load method
upwind method
upwind differencing method
V-g method
vapor-screen method
variational method
vector method
velocity-split method
viscous/inviscid interacting method
von Schlippe method
vortex method
vortex panel method
vortex-lattice method
Walsh-function method
weight fraction method
X-ray diffraction method
z-transform method
zonal method

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